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Trace Elements

Organic or Inorganic?

Current research is showing that inclusion of inorganic minerals from Copper, Manganese, Zinc and Iron is far from desirable for mineral supplements.

Sulphates, Oxides, Chlorides and Carbonates all have serious negative effects and whilst history has shown some benefits when used sparingly we now know that the variation in Ph through the GIT (Gastro-intestinal Tract) causes some very negative interactions during digestion, and some of the compounds produced are toxic at a cellular level.

We also know that the loading of unused trace elements is also both wasteful and has a negative impact on the environment.

Chelated organic minerals (Trace elements bonded to peptides or amino acids), have been proved to be highly bi-available and can totally replace their inorganic counterparts at lower levels and will often save money.
They significantly reduce negative environmental impact and have been shown to have major advantages in improving, health (mastitis, somatic cell counts, lameness, ante-natal metabolic disease issues) fertility, and neonatal and post-natal heifer growth and performance through first lactation.

It therefore makes sense to focus on TRT (Total Replacement Treatment) of these key trace elements in supplemental formulation.

The fundamental starting point with introducing TRT has to be the dry cow period. There is much compelling evidence to show both better calving and long term benefits by replacing standard formulations with chelated trace zinc, manganese, copper and selenium as the only sources.

£50 per Tonne off

We have decided to run a little campaign from August 1st as a result of this new focus.
Anyone ordering TRT minerals forward on contracts to next spring will get £50 per Tonne off the RRP

There will be a further reductions of:

  • £10 per tonne for 5 tonne drops
  • £20 per tonne for 10 tonne drops
  • Full Loads POA