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11th May 2020

Rumen Buffers

Acid Buf

Acid Buf is a highly efficient rumen conditioner derived from calcareous marine algae.
It’s unique honeycomb structure provides a large surface area for maximum buffering capacity.

What does it do?

It’s structure allows a gradual breakdown which provides buffering for over 8 hours.
Significantly reduced time spent below 5.8pH and therefore reduces sub-acute & acute ruminal acidosis.
This increases volatile fatty acid yield and increases feed efficiency.
Acid Buf also provides a natural, highly soluble, bioavailable source of Magnesium & Calcium.

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Key benefits

Over 4 published trials, Acid Buf has been shown to:

  • ↑ Feed efficiency up to 10%.
  • ↑ Milk yield by up to 2.5litres/cow/day.
  • ↑ Milk fat & protein.
  • ↑ DLWG over 5%.
  • Return on investment of over 6:1*.
    *based on an additional 1.5litres @25ppl


Acid Buf can be supplied through farmpack, blend & compound.

Recommended inclusion:
Dairy 80g/head/day
Beef 50g/head day
Dry cows 40-50g/head/day

Feed rates quoted are average, based on typical mid-lactation dairy cows and cattle weighing 300-400Kg.

How does Acid Buf compare?

Vs Sodium bicarbonate, trials have shown Acid Buf:

  • Buffers over 8 hours compared with sodium bicarb’s 30 minutes.
  • Neutralise over twice the amount of acid.

Acid Buf has been shown to have significantly higher and more consistent buffering capacity than other competitor combination buffers.


A package of fast-acting & prolonged buffering agents to help provide long term rumen stability.

  • Provides both rapid and long-term buffering action.
  • Helps to promote higher levels of milk constituents, particularly fat.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of acidosis and its consequences.
Vitalbuf bag
Rations for highly productive dairy cows can often lead to wide variations in the acid base balance of the rumen, the effects of which include reduced milk yield, reduced milk quality, acidosis and lameness.

Vitalbuf can be used in intensive beef grower and finishing diets to improve rumen function and food conversion efficiency (FCE). Typical responses are around 5% increase in daily live weight gain (DLWG).

VITALBUF’s combination of buffering agents help to rapidly to neutralise any immediate acid load, as well as combating any acid produced during fermentation. In addition, the long-term rumen modifiers in VITALBUF go on to provide long term rumen stability and microbial stimulation.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate is the world’s most popular Rumen Buffer, for good reason – it works very well and is highly cost-effective.

Why to feed Sodium Bicarbonate to Ruminants:

Rumen digestive function can be impaired by feeding rations high in cereal, short chop forage, low-pH silage or any other high-starch feeds. If the pH drops low enough then sub-clinical acidosis has many down sides. You can assist the buffering capacity of the cow’s saliva by feeding Sodium Bicarbonate, which dramatically improves digestion and reduces risk of acidosis.

Feeding Sodium Bicarbonate has been shown to:

  • Improve forage intakes
  • Enhance fibre digestion
  • Promote higher milk yields
  • Enhance milk quality
  • Increase butterfat
  • Improve feed conversion rates
  • Improve liveweight gain