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22nd October 2020

Minerals for Beef

The Right Minerals For Your Stock

Cattle feeding on grass

Ca P Mg Salt Vit A Vit D3 Vit E Vit B12
% % % % 000’s iu/Kg 000’s iu/Kg iu/Kg iu/Kg
LS Hi Magnesium 12 4 22 17 300 120 400 3500
LS Target Dairy 18.5 4 5 25 300 100 2000 3750
LS Target Youngstock 15 6 6 25 300 80 2000 2500
LS Grower Finisher 28 1.5 trace 25 250 60 1000
LS Barley Beef Feeder 26 30 250 80 1000
Fe Co Mn Cu Zn I Se
iu/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg
LS Hi Magnesium 60 6000 750 4500 250 25
LS Target Dairy 60 5000 1250 6000 400 25
LS Target Youngstock 75 5000 1250 6500 300 35
LS Grower Finisher 40 3000 1000 3500 150 35
LS Barley Beef Feeder 1800 40 3000 1200 3000 150 20


The Millennium Dairy range of minerals uses organic selenium as the main source of selenium. American and Japanese systems have shown that sodium selenite whilst cheap, is very poorly absorbed by the cow. The selenium in organic sources is more available and virtually all absorbed.
This is why Lakeland-Scottish has followed the more cost effective and better value for money approach. “We’re not kidding our customers”.

Cattle feeding on grass
Cattle feeding from trough

LS Millennium Hi Magnesium * / ** (IF)

LS Millennium Hi Magnesium mineral is designed for feeding to suckler and dairy cows turned out to spring and autumn grass where it can be fed as part of a buffer feed. It features high levels of magnesium and Vitamin B12 (to overcome low forage cobalt). Also features a high level of organic selenium, which has a much better absorption than sodium selenite.

Feeding Rates:

Suckler/Dairy Cows 120-150g(4-5oz)/day
Growing Heifers 50-100g(2-3.5oz)/day
(Not to be fed to sheep, or bulls or steers)

LS Target Dairy (IF)

Also for grazing Suckler cows.
Successfully introduced in 1999 as a good all round straightforward dairy / suckler mineral.

Feeding rates:

Dairy / Suckler Cows 100 – 150g (3½-5 oz) per day
Heifer Calves 50 – 75g (2-3 oz) per day
Yearling Heifers 75 – 100g (3-3½ oz) per day

LS Millennium (Mainline) Youngstock (FA)

This mineral was introduced as a supplement for heifer replacements. Whilst not really designed for bulls and steers it would be perfectly safe for them up to 15 months.
Unlike many other minerals of this type we have maintained a high phosphorous levels in order to encourage an optimum growth skeleton or frame.

Feeding Rates:

1st year 50-100g(2-3½oz)/day
2nd Year Growing Heifers 75-100g(3-3½oz)/day

LS Grower Finisher (F/A)

This mineral was designed to keep life simple! It is good enough to supplement all classes of grower and finishing beef stock. (Okay it is not the mineral you should be choosing for heifer replacements (Mainline Youngstock is much better for this)); but it is exactly right for all cattle destined for the food chain. We have also double spiced this mineral in order to improve the palatability of the home mixed concentrated that are supplemented to these cattle.

Feeding Rates:

1st year 50-100g(2-3½oz)/day
2nd Year Stores & Heifers 75-100g(3-3½oz)/day

LS Barley Beef Feeder (IF)

A straightforward traditional beef finishing mineral.

Feeding Rates:

As for LS Grower Finisher

* Contains Organic Selenium
** Contains Bioplexes
FA Free access minerals contain waterproofing, spice & molasses.
IF = In Feed mineral

Custom Designed Minerals.

Note: At Lakeland-Scottish we can formulate any mineral to suit your needs, so if none of these are what you are looking for, just pick up the phone ask for Jerry, and he will do the rest.

Mineral & Vitamin Function and Deficiency

Calcium Development of bones and teeth, Muscle function, Blood clotting, Milk production Milk Fever, Rickets
Phosphorus Development of bones and teeth, Milk production Carbohydrate & energy metabolism Rickets, Infertility
Magnesium Bone development, Nerve function Carbohydrate metabolism Grass staggers
Salt Osmosis, Food digestion, palatability Poor growth & Feed use
Vitamin A Skin & Hair formation, Mucus membrane protection Night blindness, Infertility, Weak & Blind young stock
Vitamin D3 Controls absorption of Calcium Retarded Growth, Rickets
Vitamin E Anti-oxidant, Immune system White Muscle disease, Stiff Lamb, Muscular Dystrophy
Vitamin B12 Mobilisation of fats, Synthesis of fatty acids, Enzyme systems Poor Milk quality, Pine, Poor finish to beef, Poor appetite
Iron Blood production, Enzymes Retarded growth, Anaemia
Cobalt Vitamin B12 production, Enzymes Pine in sheep, Poor appetite
Manganese Skeleton growth, Metabolic management, Enzymes Poor Growth, Infertility
Copper Blood production, Enzyme systems, Hair and Wool colour Anaemia, Hair pigments, poor growth, Swayback in lambs
Zinc Production of Skin, Hair and Wool Enzyme systems, Immune system High cell counts, Higher risk of severe digital dermatitis and soft hooves, Reduced immune response
Iodine Thyroid Hormone synthesis Goitre, Infertility, Abortion
Selenium Anti-oxidant, Immune system, Energy Transfer Muscular Dystrophy, White Muscle Disease, Stiff Lamb, Reproductive control