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18th January 2015

About Lakeland Scottish Feeds & Services

Company Profile

Lakeland Scottish Feeds & Services is an independent feed supply company, established in 1997. Based in Penrith, Cumbria, we operate mainly in the south of Scotland and the north of England. We specialise in TMR feeding (Total Mixed Rations) for the Dairy and Livestock Industry.

Lakeland-Scottish Feeds & Services and TBA Ltd are joint authors of The F1 Blueprint for Dairy TMR Management and youngstock.  This welfare-friendly, no compromise approach to exploiting modern genetic potential is designed to generate maximum output and profit from today’s UK dairy and livestock farms.

We continually strive to modify and update the Blueprints as new science and research become available.  As a result we have designed a full range of top quality supplements and feeds to augment the blueprint requirements.  These products truly represent a no corners cut approach to feeding livestock.  We believe that only this approach reflects true value for money.

Our Mission

Our missionIs to assist farmers in achieving optimum yields and profits using their home grown forages and feed crops and then balancing them with the best proteins, energy, fibre and supplements available to achieve their target output.

Lakeland Scottish Feeds & Services supply:

  • Blends
  • Straights
  • Protected proteins
  • Protected fats
  • F1 Yeast
  • Minerals
  • Molasses
  • Moist Feeds
  • Calf milk replacers
  • Compound feeds
  • Silage additives
  • Wholecrop and maize silage preservatives


Formulation Services

Lakeland Scottish Feeds & Services also offer a bespoke formulation service, using the powerful, regularly updated Ultramix software, and also our own management monitoring service. This may be all or part of the following suite of services:

  • Standard forage analysis
  • Mineral forage analysis
  • Straight feed analysis
  • Ration formulation for dairy, beef, youngstock and sheep
  • Mineral supplement formulation
  • Diary costings to gross margin or margin over feed
  • Condition score monitoring
  • Locomotion scoring
  • General cow assessment