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16th March 2021

Sheep Products

LS Sheep Mineral Range Calculated Analysis

CaPMgSaltVit AVit D3Vit EVit B12FeCoMnCuZnISe
%%%%000’s iu/Kg000’s iu/Kgiu/Kgiu/Kgiu/KgMg/KgMg/KgMg/KgMg/KgMg/KgMg/Kg
LS Super Cross Ewe14.2683040060400037509030000500025025
LS Lamb Feeder2023040080120050018009040000350020021


The Super Cross Ewe Mineral uses organic selenium as the main source of selenium. American and Japanese systems have shown that sodium selenite whilst cheap, is very poorly absorbed by the cow. The selenium in organic sources is more available and virtually all absorbed.
This is why Lakeland-Scottish has followed the more cost effective and better value for money approach. “We’re not kidding our customers”

LS Super Cross Ewe * (FA)

LS Super Cross Ewe is a very high specification mineral aimed at ensuring that the pregnant ewe has a good enough supply of minerals to keep pace with the needs of the lamb and to minimise the risk of metabolic disease at lambing. The mineral contains a high rate of organic selenium This trace element has been shown to help minimise the risk of lethargic lambs by improving energy transfer and active muscle movement. We believe it has a major effect on improving lamb survival rates. The main version of this mineral is a spiced free access version which is also suitable for mixing. There is also a no spice version if needed.

Feeding rates:

Hill ewes15-25g(½-1oz)/day
Mule ewes (Cross bred)20–28g (¾-1oz)/day
Lowland ewes25-35g(1-1¼oz)/day

LS Lamb Feeder (IF)

As for the beef industry we also need a good supplement for intensively fed lambs. This mineral has been formulated to help get the best out of these animals. We have also added Thiamine (Vitamin B1)to avoid CCN and aid carbohydrate metabolism.

Feeding rates:

Dependant on age and size 7 to 28g(¼-1oz)/day

  • Contains Organic Selenium
    ** Contains Bioplexes
    FA Free access minerals contain waterproofing, spice & molasses.
    IF = In Feed mineral
    Custom Designed Minerals.
    Note: At Lakeland-Scottish we can formulate any mineral to suit your needs, so if these are not what you are looking for, get in touch. Lakeland-Scottish Feeds & Services also offer a bespoke mineral design service.

Liver function

The liver is a remarkable organ; it has many vital roles in managing the animal’s metabolism.

In a nutshell, many of the key nutrients absorbed by the animal from its digestive tract including all of the energy sources will have to be processed by the liver. The liver also manages waste protein and many mineral functions.

In the case of sheep it is vital to maintain a healthy liver. There are three key aspects to managing the efficient running of this organ:

  • Treat and prevent Liver Fluke.
  • Avoid over feeding copper.
  • Treat fatty liver issues as standard practice for ewes and stock tups and rams.

Of these three, Fatty liver is probably the most ignored and yet if we can achieve a healthy liver especially around lambing. The ewe can process energy much more efficiently making her much less likely to succumb to Twin Lamb diseases (Pregnancy Toxaemia) and to produce more colostrum an more milk.


ReaShure is a form of very well protected Choline, which is important because if we want the choline to do its job removing fat from the liver: we don’t want the rumen bugs to use it all up before it can be absorbed by the sheep!.
A dairy cow requires 60 grams of the pure product (15 grams active choline) for 3 weeks up to calving to re-invigorate liver function by reducing the fat clogging up the liver. There is an extra benefit for feeding for 3 weeks after calving. We have seen similar benefits for ewes when fed at half the rate, ie:- 30 grams per head for the same period.

More Information about ReaShure

F1 Elevator

F1 Elevator was originally designed for feeding to close up dry and fresh cows.

It works differently to Reashure by acting as a stimulant to improved function. Monopropylene glycol and glycerol are both sugar precursors and are not broken down in the rumen but are readily absorbed into the blood stream where they can boost activity in the liver. We recommend top dressing with a watering can at 150 ml per ewe per day for 21 days pre lambing.

It’s a bit like taking the liver to the gym and giving it a good work out. After three weeks everything is working that bit better!

More Information about F1 Elevator

Orphan Lambs

Orphan lambs that were set aside for rearing using milk replacers used to be regarded as expensive and unreliable. Times have changed and with the introduction of Energised Skim milk based replacers from Trouw Nutrition we can now feel more confident of success.

Provide the young lambs receive a good feed of colostrum within the first few hour of life 500ml is a good target and natural colostrum is preferred. Following this they should be fed between 0.5 and 0.75 Litres of Lamb ECM up to day 4 and then continue at 0.75 to 1 Litre to week 7 and then from 1.0 to 1.5 litres up to weaning call us for bulk purchase only.

Mineral & Vitamin Function & Deficiency

Mineral & VitaminEffectDeficiency
CalciumDevelopment of bones and teeth, Muscle function, Blood clotting, Milk productionMilk Fever
PhosphorusDevelopment of bones and teeth, Milk production Carbohydrate & energy metabolismRickets Infertility
MagnesiumBone development, Nerve function Carbohydrate metabolism.Grass staggers
SaltOsmosis, Food digestion, palatability.Poor growth & Feed use
Vitamin ASkin & Hair formation, Mucus membrane protection.Night blindness, Infertility Weak & Blind young stock.
Vitamin D3Controls absorption of CalciumRetarded Growth, Rickets
Vitamin EAnti-oxidant, Immune systemWhite Muscle disease, Stiff Lamb, Muscular Dystrophy,
Vitamin B12Mobilisation of fats, Synthesis of fatty acids , Enzyme systemsPoor Milk quality, Pine, Poor finish to beef , Poor appetite.
IronBlood production, EnzymesRetarded growth, Anaemia.
CobaltVitamin B12 production, EnzymesPine in sheep , Poor appetite
ManganeseSkeleton growth, Metabolic management, EnzymesPoor Growth, Infertility.
CopperBlood production, Enzyme systems Hair and Wool colourAnaemia ,Hair pigments, poor growth, Swayback in lambs
ZincProduction of Skin , Hair and Wool Enzyme systems, Immune system.High cell counts
Higher risk of severe digital dermatitis and soft hooves
Reduced immune response
IodineThyroid Hormone synthesis.Goitre, Infertility, Abortion.
SeleniumAnti-oxidant, Immune system, Energy Transfer,Muscular Dystrophy , White Muscle Disease, Stiff Lamb Reproductive control.