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10th May 2021

Nutrition for Beef: Minerals for Beef & Data Collection

Minerals for Beef

The main mineral requirements for beef cows are similar to those of dairy cows. Sucklers are susceptible to staggers since they are generally fed less concentrates and, in the case of upland beef, tend to be reared on poor pastures.
It is advisable for these farms to dose with boluses or feed mineral supplements.
Male animals and steers (castrates) should not have access to Magnesium or Phosphorous since these two elements predispose Urinary Calculi (Stones) which eventually block the urethra and prevent the animal from passing urine, the effect is normally fatal.
Most beef should get plenty of calcium, salt, copper, selenium, and vitamin E. It is advisable
to check the mineral status of the diet ingredients first and then buy a balancing supplement.

What We Need To Know

System Data

Single Multi
Suckler System
All Year Round Spring Autumn
Calving Pattern
UK Continental Cross
Breed (Dam)
Breed (Sire)
Silage 2nd Forage Straw
Intensive (Cereal) Semi-Intensive (Silage) Extensive (Grass)
Desired Beef System

What We Need To Know

Animal Data

Sex Bull Heifer Steer
Liveweight Kg
Target Daily Liveweight Gain Kg per day
Stage of lactation (Daily milk yield) Litres
Feeding system restrictions
Silage 2nd Forage Straw
Forage quality analysis
Straights Concentrates Succulents
Suitable Feed Supplements (Analysis)
In Feed Ad Lib Blocks/Boluses

Today we can use powerful rationing software on our laptops and tablets to do the diet formulation calculations for us. This text has endeavoured to explain some of the thinking behind these models and allow us to have a better understanding of the diets that are put in front of us.

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