F1 Yeast for Beef - Increased Daily Gain and Feed Efficiency!

Improve the performance of your herd!

Yea-Sacc promotes the enhanced digestion of the animal's total ration by supporting fibre digestion and the stabilization of rumen pH.
This allows for increase average daily gain, produced in a more metabolic and carbon efficient manner for more profitable production.

F1 Yeast is an enhanced version of Alltech's Yea-Sacc TS®. The addition of an activator means that the product gets to work even better!

Alltech have allowed us to reproduce the data below and we can confidently suggest that using F1 Yeast will result in performance at or better than the indications shown.

As a rule of thumb:

An investment of @ 7.5 pence on F1 Yeast, will yield @ 0.2Kg live weight gain per day (400 kg fattening diet).
This is worth @ £2.00p per Kg live weight = 40 pence. A return of better than 5:1!
The trials shown are fairly recent but there are many more trials that show positive results.
The EFSA approval is also an indication of product performance reliability.

Highly concentrated yeast formulation


average daily gain!

Used up oxygen creates favourable anaerobic environment in the rumen


improvement in feed efficiency

Supporting cellulolytic bacteria in the rumen


more meat per head per cycle

Balanced VFA production

Less waste

reduced methane and nitrogen excretion

The Key Benefits of Feeding F1 Yeast

There are many reasons why you should consider feeding F1 Yeast as part of your ration:

  • Improves daily live weight gain
  • Helps stabilise rumen pH
  • Promotes increased dry matter intakes
  • Optimises dietary fibre digestion
  • Improves feed conversion efficiency!

A stable rumen wastes less!

Optimum rumen function provides the platform to maximise dry matter intake and the efficiency of its use. The longer the rumen stays in its most efficient zone of digestion, the greater the potential of the rumen to release nutrients from the diet. With feed costs representing an average of 60 percent of production costs, optimising feed conversion efficiency is paramount.

The Positive Effect of F1 Yeast

YEA-SACC® is a live yeast culture from Alltech®, specifically selected for its influence on animal performance.

Yea-Sacc is unique in its ability to stimulate both fibre digesting and lactic acid-utilising bacteria. It achieves an elevation of rumen pH leading to more efficient total digestion of both feed and forage, thereby reducing wastage.

Through improved feed utilisation, more energy is available to support weight gain and less is lost to the environment.

The effect of yeast on rumen pH

The effect of yeast on rumen pH

Source: Yea-Sacc-451-RT J. Anim. Sci. 85

A Carbon Trust accredited solution

Yea-Sacc has been validated by the Carbon Trust to reduce cattle methane emissions and nitrogen excretion rates.

Increased average rumen pH

Increased average rumen pH

Reduced rumen pH variations

Reduced rumen pH variations

Maximised time in the efficient digestion zone

Maximised time in the efficient digestion zone

The Key Features of F1 Yeast

For those thinking of adding a live yeast supplement to your ration or diet, F1 Yeast, available from Lakeland Scottish Feeds & Services or TBA is the most progressive version on today's market in the UK.

  • A highly concentrated formulation of live yeast
  • Live yeast will scavenge for oxygen in the rumen, creating a favourable anaerobic environment
  • Supports cellulolytic bacteria, which are fibre-degrading
  • Balances VFA production for a more favourable acetate-proportionate ratio
  • Wheat flour base

Increased Liveweight Gain

Increased Average Daily Liveweight Gain by 11%!

Increased Average Daily Liveweight Gain

More Efficiency!

Improved Feed Efficiency by 8%

Improved Feed Efficiency

Increaded Carcass Daily Gain!

YEA-SACC increases carcass weight by 10%

Increaded Carcass Daily Gain

The Driver of Rumen Efficiency

The standard feeding rate is recommended at 25 grams per head per day, due to the high concentration of yeast culture within F1 Yeast.

However, the secret to optimal performance is precision feeding. The feeding rate of F1 Yeast should be calculated based on the dry matter intake of the animal. Yeast promotes animal performance by improving the utilisation of the diet within the rumen. Therefore the higher the intake of the animal, the higher the supplementation of yeast should be, in order to maximise feeding benefits.

Suggested Feeding Rates

Average Dry Matter Intake Feeding Rate of F1 Yeast
6 Kg 20g
9 Kg 25g
12 Kg 25g
15 Kg 30g

The Mycotoxin Challenge

  • Are your stock underperforming?
  • Is dry matter intake below target?
  • Has there been a recent change of feed source, or has new silage been introduced?
  • Are there signs of mould growth or heating in the feed storage areas?
  • If there is scouring, is it difficult to diagnose why?
  • Is the stock not responding to medication?

F1 Yeast Can Help!

The F1 Yeast range offers a yeast and mycotoxin-binding product to maximise feed efficiency whilst negating the damaging effects of mycotoxins to the health and performance of cattle.

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